Pollinator Gardens at Home

Starting or Expanding Your Home Pollinator Garden

Fall and spring are great for gardening. But you can engage with your garden in winter too! Explore, learn, prep and review pictures of plants to order.

  • Quick start list of easy pollinator plant picks.

  • Native plants lists and guides that include bloom-time charts, plant sizes, and light/water needs.

List of local and online nurseries that sell native pollinator plants and can help you get started.

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New to gardening? See a beginner's Step-by-step guide.

These destroy lungs, ears and topsoil - and remove valuable nutrients and pollinator habitat. Mulch-mow your leaves or rake them into your beds instead. Click the link for more.

Say NO to Pesticides

Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in 1962. Guess what? Pesticides are still poisonous. Be super careful with lawn and garden chemicals! More info coming soon.

You can also get help by enlisting an eco-minded landscape architect or by connecting with a local native planting neighbor.

And it always helps to get some inspiration by visiting a local professional garden.